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Water and espresso


water-coffeeWater affects many aspects of espresso, from the coffee’s taste to the longevity of brewing equipment. Achieving great coffee while protecting the espresso machine requires a balancing act—a challenge that water treatment specialists and great coffee bars are taking on together. There is a simple truth about brewing espresso that you might not want to hear. The fact: most coffee machine maintenance issues are caused by water, the one substance that touches nearly every part of the machine.

Water Analysis System. Inlet water analysis for the quality of coffee and milk based drinks


smart-water-technologyWater is a key element for coffee and has a great impact on both beverage quality and machine reliability. Based on a new Nuova Simonelli patent, Aurelia Wave is able to detect essential parameters of inlet water, warning the barista of any variations in pH (alkaline level) and TDS (total dissolved solids). This monitoring system, called Smart Water Technology, allows the barista to more easily address issues associated with poor water quality.

Aurelia Wave: the five features of perfection


MDXSWhat (aspects) does a good barman care about most? Water, ergonomics, digital information, eco-sustainability and above all the espresso’s quality. Nuova Simonelli has been working on these five aspects for many years and several times in the past has offered to the market innovative solutions leading to open up new frontiers to the espresso and cappuccino’s world.

MDXS, the coffee grinder that innovates without making a noise


MDXSAnother of the new features Nuova Simonelli has waiting for you at HOST Milano 2017 - Pavilion 24, stand B40. MDXS, the grinder heard about for its silence. A barista's work, especially in constantly busy rooms, can be a laborious grind and equipment noise contributes to stress. A quiet coffee grinder that lets you talk to customers or colleagues, without being overwhelmed by noise, has always been a barista's dream. Now Nuova Simonelli, whose technological innovation is one of its strengths, has created MDXS, "the silent grind".

Prontobar Touch. Even more easier, faster, quieter


Prontobar-TouchNuova Simonelli’s Prontobar, the superautomatic compact model, reinvents itself providing lots of innovative solutions. Prontobar Touch will make its first appearance at HOST 2017, at Fiera Milano-Rho, October 20th – 24th 2017.

Nuova Simonelli is waiting you at Host Milano 2017


Prontobar-TouchAt the great trade fair from October 20 to 24 - we will have our wide range of coffee machines and grinders – featuring completely new innovations. We are waiting for you at Hall 24, Stand B40. Nuova Simonelli continues to design the future of espresso and cappuccino. The commitment of years of studies and research have led to particularly innovative products in terms of technology and design. These target different needs in the market, environmental and economic sustainability as well as ergonomic expectations.

Nuova Distribution France is fully operative


Filiale-FranciaIn Viviers du Lac, the small town of Savoy on the southern shore of Lake Bourget, Simonelli Group opens its third commercial headquarters outside Italy, the first in Europe. The top technology and the innovative coffee machines that Simonelli Group produces in Italy and distributes with ever-increasing success worldwide, will now be "at your fingertips" for baristas and French chain shops. This first Simonelli Group sales office in France has been fully operational for a few days in Viviers du Lac, a small town in the department of Savoie, not far from Lyon.

Nuova Simonelli Asia Pacific hosts PRE-Q course


PRE-QCombining passion and professionalism to service for the world of coffee, in a new training centre. On September 4-6 Nuova Simonelli Asia Pacific Pte Ltd hosts in its building in Singapore a Licensed Pre Q. Pre-Q involves a comprehensive Training in how to set up and conduct cuppings of green and roasted coffee samples to evaluate and score individual lots of coffee against the SCA’s physical and cup standards and criteria for coffee quality. Instruction covers green coffee grading, sensory and olfactory skills training and testing, protocols for flavor and cup profile evaluation and grading triangulation.

July 4-5. Green Intermediate course at Nuova Simonelli factory


PROMO GREEN INTERMEDIATE 800x800On July 4-5 Nuova Simonelli will host the Green intermediate course (Coffee Diploma System) with Alberto Polojac, green coffee expert.
The Green Coffee module covers the key concepts surrounding green coffee, from growing the plant, through processing, shipping, storage and arrival at a roaster.  It includes principles of coffee growing, processing and green coffee grading and coffee contracts and green coffee portfolio management.

Nanotech processing, burrs that last longer and easier to clean


LCF NS webA preview of nanotech processing, burrs that last longer and easier to clean.
Nanotech treatment modifies the molecular characteristics of stainless steel and titanium (materials which are used for Nuova Simonelli burrs production) ensuring maximum hygiene and, at the same time, making cleaning easier for the barista. Nanotech treatment also affects the duration of burrs in terms of performance and reliability.

#WOC . Taste your temperature contest


LCF NS webFive specialty coffee roasters, three days and a coffee machine. Here the ingredients of "Taste your Temperature", the Nuova Simonelli contest at World of Coffee in Budapest. Starting from June 13th to 15th  stand F24 (hall G) will host five roasters working with Aurelia II T3 to offer their specialty coffees to WOC visitors.

Coffee HUB. A lecture with the founder of Coffee Chemistry


The lecture by Joseph A. Rivera (Coffee Director of Research & Development), one of the world's leading experts in the coffee sector, on Friday June 9th, will be followed by a large live international audience, with streaming. Starting at 3 pm CET you can connect via the web through the following link: www.coffeehub.org to follow Joseph A. Rivera talking with Professor Sauro Vittori, Camerino University of Food Quality and Safety Lab, about "The role of acidity in coffee quality".

Coffee Science Certificate. Take advantage of the special offer available until May 6


CoffeeScienceCertificate sign RGBDon't loose this fantastic opportunity! You have time until May 6th to enjoy the special offer to attend at the ‘Coffee Science Certificate’. ‘Coffee Science Certificate’ is the first education program dedicated to all categories of professionals, with a complete overview about all the aspects of the coffee industry.

#IoBevoCaffèDiQualità goes to Genova


banner iobevocaffediqualitaThe 6th edition of the italian specialty coffe tour ‘Io bevo caffè di qualità’ (I taste quality coffee) is coming to Genova, at ‘Caffetteria Tazze Pazze’, Andrea Cremone specialty coffe shop, located at Piazza delle 5 Lampadi.