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           1936-2006. The espresso coffee machines of Nuova Simonelli tell 70 years of hystory.
           Events, important people, ideas that characterized the contemporary history.

p.46    DESIGN
           The excellent design.
           To the Ducati Hypemotard the acknowledgment of the Motorcycle Design Association.
p.50     Nuova Simonelli in exibition. The Microbar design wins a prize.

           The Aurelia advertisement: lights directly on her design

           The domotic house betters the quality of life.
p.65     An espresso coffee at the domotic bar.
p.73     The boiler, many questions in order to know it better. The designer opinion.

p.82    WELLNESS
           The barman and the stress. Tiredness and tension behind an always friendly smile.
p.88     Ergonomy, what it is, why it can solve many problems.
           The perfect equilibrum between man, machine and environment.
p.95     Aurelia, the ergonomic coffee espresso machine by Nuova Simonelli.

            At the espresso coffee tasters school to know it better, appreciate its qualities, gain advantages and pleasures. To become more careful consumers.

p.118   PRODUCT
           Nuova Simonelli: the Appia 1 group is going on the right road.